Digi Scrapping All Night Long

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re-did my Avila Valley Barn Layout

Well, I took some time and sat down and worked on my Avila Valley Barn layout yesterday. I decided a couple things about the layout. I think the photos were too small which subtracted from the overall punch of the layout and I think it needed more interesting elements to look at, especially on the left side of the layout. So I made some additions and enlarged the photos and I really like the final product now.

Much better huh? What do you think?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Couple New Layouts....

Well, I said I was going to work on a couple of layouts with the new items I got from http://www.scrapbookgraphics.com/ and I finished them on Friday but am just now getting them uploaded here for your enjoyment. I really enjoyed using the stamp action I got from Studio Wendy and I used Dawn Inskip's gorgeous new kit to complete the first layout of my son and niece at the park a couple weeks ago. I also used a cluster template from Studio Buttercup's new cluster template pack available in the store HERE.

The stamps look great in my opinion and I am very happy with how this layout turned out. I love the colors!! They are fun and bright. I am going to have to get with Wendy at Studio Wendy and have her tell me what i am doing wrong in the action because I kept getting a stamp with a opaque white libe around the final image. I ended up having to tweek it myself a bit but it turned out great!

Next I made a layout using some photos I took at the Farmers Market last weekend before we had to leave for home after being robbed. I just love visiting this specific market because it is so bright and quaint. I actually am going to work on this layout a bit more because I just think it still needs something to make it complete. Would love any suggestions you might have.

I feel like the left side of the layout is missing something and the photos just need to pop more off the page. I feel like they are not the main focus of the page. So back tot he drawing board I go to see what i can do to figure it out.

Overall, a pretty productive weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apologies for not keeping up on my blog posting....

You know it seems that no matter how rightous our plans are "Life" always gets in the way of our intentions. This last couple of weeks have been a little hectic and "Life" certainly has taken a few twists for me lately. I had every intention of being a good blogger and posting at least twice a month, but with work and family it has been a challenge to do, I think I was keeping up with it some what for a while. The last two weeks have found me overflowing with crap in my life and have kept me from the computer and scrapping, much less blogging.

We have been spending a lot of time in our trailer at the beach enjoying our time out of town and away from "daily life" per say. We found our bliss quickly put to a hault last weekend when I got an emergency phone call from my son telling me that our home had been broken into. Needless to say we packed up everything and headed home. I won't go into all the details of the phone calls and the police investigation. I will just tell you that we lost quite a bit of stuff, over $7,000.00 worth of items from our home, mostly in heritage weapons my husband had locked up nice and tight in a gun safe that the creeps searched the house and found the key to. So the guns along with my 9 year old sons piggy bank (Literally a piggy bank) and games, some of my and my husbands jewelry (His wedding band), cell phones, etc etc it was a bit overwhelming. This is the second time we have been robbed by the way. I think what pisses me off the most is that the creeps stole my sons piggy bank in which he had all the money he has been saving for years because he wants to go on a trip to Hawaii. Talk about low life scum of the earth types. Who would steal a childs piggy bank? (ggrrrrrrrr)

To add to all the issues week at work (today actually) three teachers got laid off. (No I wasn't one of them, but since all of them had senority over me, I am slightly worried.) It was a very depressing day to say the least. Last week they laid off an admission representative and we had a feeling more was coming.

I actually feel bad even complaining about this with all the tragedy we are seeing all around the country right now. My heart goes out to those people who have lost loved ones, belongings, homes, memorabilia, etc etc etc in all the tornados and other weather related catastrophes throughout the country. At least I still have my home and my family. (Thank you GOD)

Good news though I am on a weeks hiatus from school so I am hoping to spend sometime scrapping some things and hopefully get some great layouts done. I did go on a small shopping spree today at Scrapbookgraphics, because I WON $8.00 at Studio Wendy when she was having a contest of some sort that I had not even realized I was eligible for LOL. So this is what I got and I hope to use them both soon to make some gifts and scrap some layouts.

I think this Action will work great on some new layouts.

and I think these templates will make great gifts for friends and family.

So that is my life in a nut shell right now and I am hoping to get back to regular posting and participation ASAP at least for a short period of time. I will post layouts for you all to see as soon as I get some done. Have a great night.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A brand new layout..

So I have been checking out a lot of the galleries lately and I have noticed a new trend where scrappers are splitting their BG papers on both sides of the layout and some I really like and some I'm not so sure about but I thought I would give it a try. I actually started working on this layout with some of my photos from Venice, but they just didn't seem to fit into the style so I changed to my Calico Ghost Town photos which I think were much more suited to the style of the layout. I still am not completely happy with the layout, but I really think that its because this layout has such a Heritage Layout feel with the colors and such and I have never really been able to get into the Heritage Style...Well because I dont like the colors to be honest. LOL I worked on this for so long though I just refused to start over by changing all the colors up so here is my Calico Ghost Town Layout that I some what like and some what dislike LOL

So I do like the papers split and I like the lace I added as a last minute detail. I'm not crazy about the title but I couldn't think of a better way to get it in there with the papers split the way they are. I spent hours just trying to get the title right. (I am happy to take suggestions) I added the green foliage in towards the end because I just had to have some sort of color. Ugggghhh.
Well, what are your thoughts and suggestions?

Hugs Kellie

Friday, May 6, 2011

A new layout and a free QP from me to you!

Happy Mothers Day weekend!! I hope all the mothers out there have a great weekend!! To celebrate my own motherhood I created this layout with some photos I took camping in Pismo last weekend. My son loves to camp and make smores by the camp fire at night, even though he doesnt really like to eat anything but the marshmellows. LOL He thinks it is great to catch the marshmellow on fire and then blow it out. Below is the layout I created of my son roasting and eatting smores by the camp fire. The kit I used is at least 4 years old because I am working from my laptop today and using old disks I had burned a few years ago. I am not even sure the designers are still working in the field anymore to be honest but I have the information below just in case.

Credits: Nancy Kubo-Thankful Kit, Katie Pertiet-Pinup Vintage Frames

Well, not only is it Mothers day this weekend for me but its also my Anniversary weekend. Technically my anniversary is the 10th but since that falls on a Tuesday I am pretty sure we will celebrate this weekend rather then Tuesday. We'll see what happens.

I guess your wondering about the FREE QP I promised you. Well, I decided it would be nice for everyone to have a special little QP to throw some great photos of your children in and display for mothers day so I made you your very own QP of the layout I created above of my son Wyatt. You can grab that QP here at 4shared. I really hope you like it and display your childrens photos proudly. Just pop your photos into the frames and hit print. Its really simple.

Have a great Mothers day!!!