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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Star Struck

My 9 Y/O son Wyatt has really caught the acting bug and has been taking every opportunity he can to participate in productions of any type. He has already acted in the productions, "The Polar Express" and "Mystery at Shady Acres" and now he has jumped into even more. Wyatt is already scheduled to take part in "Cinderella" at the Bakersfield Music Theater in July, which he is so excited about. On top of that he decided he wanted to try out for the production "Seussical" at the Bakersfield Community Theater as well. His tryout went well and although he didnt get a HUGE part (I think his young age limits him) he nailed the part of "Thing 1" in the production. My oldest son Corey also tried out for the production and has been given the part of the General (I cant remember his name LOL) which includes a solo performance. In the meantime between all of these, Wyatt also decided to partake in his schools end of year talent show. He chose to sing a song from his favorite movie "Despicable Me." I was so proud of him because he was the only student who did a solo performance, who didn't lip sync, and who did all of this with no music what so ever. He was also the first performer to go on stage. They did not have a winner or a loser it was simply to showcase the students talents and allow them to show off a bit for their parents. The layout below showcases Wyatt on stage performing during the talent show.


"This Moment" Creations by Rachael
"Guess how much I love you" By Becca
"Little. Bits and Pieces" By Sue Cummings
Thanks so much for looking and have a spectacular day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crazy 4 Titles?

If your anything like me one of the hardest parts of building a layout is getting the title work right, or simply picking a title that fits the layout and draws people into the story you are telling with your images without taking over the layout. SimplyKait shared this link with us today from Traci Reed's blog about "Terrific Titles" and I wanted to share it and a few more I found with you.

I also found this great article on titles called "Titles Don't Have to be on Top" at the Daily Digi, which I think is great! It challenges you to place your title in other positions rather then the same ol' top of the page title. She shows some great examples and the pages she created are also inspirational. I love the Family Reunion page. I also found another great title page article at Daily Digi called "Terrific Titles for Scrapbook Pages". This article also includes Katie's "10 Terrific Title Tips" which really are terrific.

If on the other hand your problem isn't the placement or the design, but the actual title itself, then for some great title ideas you can head over to Scrapbooking Page Titles where they have hundreds of title ideas to suit hundreds of categories of layouts. If you don't find your title there you could also try "The Perfect Title" which also has hundreds of title ideas to choose from.

With a title that draws people into the page and accompanies the story your photos are telling you can create spectacular layouts! Can't wait to see the wonderful titles you are able to create with the help of all the articles I have found.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I was in a designing mood and it has been sometime since I actually created my own designs.
Today I decided to sit down and create something springy and soft as a freebie for you all. I actually had not planned on a full kit, but that is what it ended up as. (I threw together the color palette as I went along even. LOL) I have to say I HATE making papers, my papers NEVER turn out like all the gorgeous papers I see on the web and I have never been able to figure out why. Well. this time I am actually fairly happy with my papers, so I won't be afraid of actually using them. I tend to start with the papers first because I hate them so much. I figure if I get them out of the way I might actually finish the project I am working on. You see there is a method to my madness. I kept adding and adding and suddenly I realized I was getting quite a few items in my arsenol more then what i wanted for a small freebie. I considered breaking it up and giving out a piece a week or so, but then I have to keep up with i,t and well, we all know I am not great at that. LOL I even considered talking to some designers I know and asking them if they wanted to do something with it themselves, I lastly considered just starting a small store and selling a few things here and there. (That one flitted for a moment and I realized how much trouble I would have to go through to do it and said NO WAY!) So, after careful consideration you are the recipient of my over zealousness at designing a small freebie.
Below is the preview which I put together quickly.

Notice the cute little owl, I just love them! I suppose owls are nomally a winter or fall kit item, but I figure owls don't hibernate,(at least not that I know of LOL) so why can't they be a spring element?
Fine me if I have broken a particular scrapping rule. LOL
I really hope you will enjoy this kit and share your layouts with me.
The links are below to download both the paper pack and the element pack.
Make sure you get both downloads.

Here is a layout I made with the kit.
Oh by the way..another thing I hate doing.....Creating layouts with my own kits. LOL
I know its odd.

How would you like to have the QP as well?

Well, thats it from me today!
Have a great one!