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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Time means fun right???

I have been on pins and needles waiting to show you my latest layouts using Sas Designs newest kit: Summer Days. This kit was perfect for me because we just came back from the beach and all the items in the kit and so very beachy!!! I just love how my finished product came out, really I do!

You can grab it HERE. Right now!!!

This is what I was able to do with this spectacular kit!!!!
The layouts are both the same except in the first ones I just used my original photos with doing anything fancy with them. In he bottom page I tried using a saturation filter on them and now I don't know which one I like the best!!! Help me please!! Which one is your favorite?

How fun is that kit huh???

I love that BG paper with all the colorful squiggly lines its so bright and cheerful!!

Now I had to change my upload server because 4Shared simply would not let me upload my file and I have no idea why. I do have a freebie QP for you though that I made from this exact layout, so I hope you like it.

You should have fun adding your own photo's to the layout I created above using Sas Designs wonderful kit!! You can now grab this and other freebies HERE at Deposit Files or HERE at Dropbox.

Let me know what you think about it or if you have problems or anything its my first time using them so I don't know what the service will be like but I worked for a week trying to get 4Shared to take my file and it simply would not. Hopefully this one works better it certainly uploaded much faster.

if you have suggestions for sites you like to download files from I am open as long as it is not one that uses Captcha. ( I hate them and my eyes are just to bad to read those things.)

I hope you all have a great day!!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

A creative slump....

So sometimes I find that being on a CT really jump starts your creativity. When I know I have to create something I find myself looking around for inspiration where I might not look for it otherwise. I look at other peoples work and I see layouts in common advertising and and even quotes. I have been taking some classes at Jessica Sprague and she gave us a free template to use that featured some hexagonal images that i just loved. I decided to give it a go myself using some hexagonal shapes. Its my first go at it but I like my start. I am going to keep trying this and see what i can do with it later as well.

I used Sas designs newest kit Cute Fruit to create the layout full of hexagons about our recent trip to the Avila Valley Barn.

I think I can do better. It came out a little busy to me so I need to work on this and figure out what the best shape it for the hexagons and how to place them so they d not overpower the layout. It is a start though that it is. You can grab Sas designs kit here: http://bits2kits.com/shop/cute-fruit-p-4983.html?zenid=65532ada732e6a64fc413fc8eda5c82a at here store.

Next I used Sas's kit to create a layout about myself or maybe I should say a layout to remind myself who I am. I think we all forget who we are at times. I found this great quote and saw a similar design on Pinterest the other day. I added my own flair and my own quote and I had limited photos to choose from because I am never in my pictures. LOL

Yep that is me at 3 years old. LOL I used a lot of brushes on this layout that i had hidden away on my hard drive. The lace you see behind the photo is actually a brush. Yes I swear it is, I colored it and gave it a slight shadow to make it pop. I also used a template by Angie Briggs at ScrapGirls to create the torn look to the photo's. It worked great as you can see!!!

I cannot wait until the next new release at Sas Designs because I have already seen her new kit coming out on the 29th. Lets just say it will work great with all my most recent photos and I cannot wait to create some layouts with it. Unfortunately I have to take a break and head out to the movies with my DH and DS to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. So I will see you all on the flip side!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

2 new layouts!!

I have to admit i just love the newest kit by Sas designs because I simply love to read and I absolutely adore my Nook on top of it! So when I saw this kit I knew I had to create a layout of my Nook.

Well then of course I had to use it to create a layout that was not about reading just to show what it is capable of becoming.

I also created a QP out of the bottom layout. So if you want it you can grab it HERE.

Thanks for looking

Monday, June 11, 2012

Princess Jayden

Completed another layout this week of my gorgeous Niece Jayden playing dress up. She loves to dress up like a Disney Princess and she always looks so adorable doing it.