Digi Scrapping All Night Long

Friday, August 31, 2012

Another new Layout and another freebie!

I have had quite the week this week. It hasn't exactly been good but I am getting through it. First I was in a minor car accident which didn't do a lot of damage but really put me in a bad frame of mind. Some guy on a motorcycle attempted to pass in the emergency lane during a back up on the freeway. When he swung back into the lane from the emergency lane he misjudged and ran right into the side of my car. I was so angry at his stupidity I wanted to smack him.

Then to make the week even better my sons Endocrinologist informed us that they are pretty sure he has GHD which is Growth Hormone Deficiency. My son is 10 almost 11 and he is WAY smaller then all the other kids in his school and all his friends as well. The 2nd and 3rd graders are bigger then him. So we took him to the Endo and this GHD is what he says he is pretty sure he has. What this means is a lot. GHD not only affects your growth it affects your heart, lungs, bones, immune system, muscles, just about every part of your body. The hormone is produced in our pituatory gland which is referred to as the "Master" gland. Why?  Well, because this gland is responsible for a lot of things inside your body. Without the Growth Hormone we don't grow adequately but even worse we are prone to heart attacks, osteoporosis, and many other very un-fun things.

What do you do for it? Well, that too is very un-fun. The only thing that can be done for it is to replace the hormone by injecting it into the body daily for the rest of your life. Our Endocrinologist said that we NEED to do it until he stops growing but it is recommended that it be done for the rest of the life span because it affects so many other areas aside from the growth. We are still in the testing phase and we went today for more labs and a Bone Age scan as well. Dr. Ching our Endo though does say that he feels that he needs to start the medication/hormones right away. He is waiting for the labs to come back to decide dosage etc etc.... I guess the labs are suppose to tell us exactly how much hormone is being supplied by the pituatory gland if any and how large of a dose he needs to receive to start out.

Thank goodness I got this layout done before all this happened so you still get a freebie and I still get to look like a good CT member for Sas LOL. I created it using Sas's new September Personal Use Grab bag available HERE at Bits2Kits. It has a lot of pastel colors and was a very fun kit to work with.

I created this fun layout and then added my beautiful Cocker Spaniel Misty Blue to the layout. She is a spoiled rotten dog that loves her life. Except when she is in trouble like she is now for getting into the garbage can while we were out today getting tests done. 

Everything except the paper with the writing on it and the dog print tag is from Sas's newest Grab Bag. The paw print is from her "Our Family" Bundle. The paper with the writing on it I created using brushes. 
The writing around the page is simply lyrics from the song "You are My Sunshine". I thought it was fitting with all the bright yellow on the page. Its funny how much I like bright vibrant colors in my layouts since I certainly would never put them in my home on my walls etc. I have greys and tans here in my home. 

So you also get the Quick Page of this layout if you would like it.

You can grab it HERE as well. 

I do hope you all have a very sun shiney day!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Punched out look on your digital layouts

I found another wonderful tutorial in my inbox today and thought it would be great to share with you all real fast before I head out to work. It teaches you how to get a punched out look on your digital papers. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Few new layouts to share with you all

So I have been so busy at work and pretty much coming home and just being lazy. I did accomplish getting a few layouts done though believe it or not.

The first layout is a photo I took o a gorgeous hawk while we were at Montano De Oro State Park again. We happened pat this majestic bird perched upon her nest enjoying the view of the ocean while protecting her eggs (Babies?) from predators. I used Sas Designs Newest Bundle "Our Family" available HERE at Bits2Kits. I also used one of the templates included in the bundle to get my layout off to a splendid start.

I used the Mom portion of the bundle and I think the colors worked very well with the colors of the foliage the hawk is ensconced in. The papers in the this portion of the kit are probably some of my favorites of the kit as well. I normally am not a pastel type of person either so that says a lot coming from me. LOL

My next layout I created using the Dad portion of the kit and the colors are more my style but I decided to go with a more monotone look so it would be even more masculine.

I love the chicken wire and the stars in this one. I decided to "toss" the photo's around so it looked less organized and a little messier as well. I figured that would also add to the masculinity of the layout. I hope it accomplished what I was attempting to do.

Both portions of this bundle are available HERE at Bits2Kits. I hope you will take a little time and look at all Sas's fabulous kits. I am truly enjoying being on her CT. It keeps me scrapping but still gives me the freedom to scrap when I want to and have the creative juices to do so.

Thanks for looking everyone! Have a splendid day! Off to watch the Nascar race now!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Outdoor Fun!!!

My family just loves Summer and Spring and what better time of the year to play outdoors and have lots of "Outdoor Fun". Whether we are camping, miniature golfing, playing at the beach, or just hanging out we always have a ton of fun together.
Sas Designs newest kit is perfect for your outdoor and camping layouts. Just look at the layout I created with the kit.

I love the color palette and I really love that tree!!! Its so cute and it looks wonderful in the BG behind the spectacular stamp frame! Now the title work is not part of the kit and its is available at SSD by Mandabean. Everything else in the layout though (aside from my photo of my son) is included in the kit!

Now for your weekly quick page gift! You can grab this layout made into a QP just for your personal use HERE. I really hope you enjoy and make sure to run over the Sas Designs store and pick up this great kit!

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Friday again!!!!

Yes it is and Sas has yet another wonderful kit out!! Where does she get all these ideas and how does she put out a brand new kit every week?? It's amazing I tell ya! My imagination does not work in those ways. LOL

Well, this week Sas has a brand new kit perfect for all those Garden photos, tea party photos. recitals. out door garden partys, etc etc etc.........

Garden Party is full of very feminine papers and elements that work so well with all those types of photos. Since I have no feminine photo's that are good enough for a layout I again used a photo of my son and while the layout is a little girlie this time I think it still works.

I just love the colors and the papers in this kit. They are fun and relaxing all at the same time.

Now don't abandon me yet, because I have again created a very special Quick Page for you to make your very own layout as well.

So run don't walk to Sas's store to grab your Garden Party kit and then click on the link below to grab the awesome QP I created for you. HERE.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sharing a great tutorial by Sahlin Studios

I don't know about you but I have always loved the look of clear acrylic elements on a layout, but unfortunately I very seldom ever attempt to use them myself. Why you may ask? Well because I quite simply cannot ever seem to shadow the elements in a way that creates a pleasant outcome to the element. What I mean is that the shadowing always makes the element to dark and well it takes away from the clear crispness of the acrylic and replaces it with an ugly dark shadow.
How fortunate was I too find in my inbox today in Sahlin Studio's newsletter but a wonderful tutorial for solving this annoying problem?!? Let me tell you I was so excited I almost chocked on my hamburger, I swear! How bad is that when I get so excited about shadowing that I almost kill myself? Well, frankly my dear this is a big deal to me! I can now use clear acrylic elements with ease and I am sure you will soon find a stupendous layout featuring something clear and acrylic. LOL
I was so excited about it I immediately decided I had to share it with you!!!! So below you will find the link to this awesome tutorial compliments of Sahlin Studio's and her creative solution!


Enjoy please, you know I am going too after all!!!