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Monday, April 30, 2012

August 16th: The Day of High Voltage

So I have been spending some time reading a book I have called "The Secret Language of Birthday's". I got it years ago at Costco when I first moved out with my best friend Amy and we were looking for fun stuff to place on the coffee table. I have always found it to be relatively close to the actual personalities I see in myself and my loved ones and every now and then I like to go back and remind myself of the qualities and especially the areas of growth I have. I know that each time I have done this I have thought about scrapping my actual reading but have never actually taken the time to start and finish a layout, until now. I had a very specific idea in mind for this layout and I knew I wanted it to be very astral. I wanted to include planets and stars and the zodiac hidden amongst those stars. The trouble was that I was sure how to accomplish this best.  I finally decided to sit down and finish a layout utilizing the information provided to me in my book. I am actually very proud of the results and it also forced me to complete my first two page layout as well.

Below is the layout: (Click to view larger)

And here it is all separated for easier perusing and reading.

 I am really really happy with how the layout turned out. I cannot take credit for the images and such as they are various items I found spread across the internet, therefore I of course could never attempt to publish it or any such thing it is simply for my own enjoyment. I found the images and extracted them all myself and used images I found online to create the multiple layers of backgrounds etc. I could not be happier.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A New Layout and a FREEBIE QP for you

Well, tomorrow I am working the 7pm-7:30am shift at the NICU so I am attempting to stay up really late tonight so I can sleep in tomorrow so I won't be quite so burned out by 7:30 in the morning on Sunday. I figured that since I tend to get lost in the creative process of designing layouts that it would be a good way to keep me busy and focused on something besides sleep, so I created this layout of my son after I saw a layout at SSD that I just loved in the weekly ad. Now I attempted to locate the layout in the actual gallery there and no matter what I did I could not locate it to share it here with you. But I am telling you that this is a sort of scraplift of a layout I saw and liked. Unfortunately the preview in the ad was very small so I could not make out all the details so I did not have the layout open in front of me while I worked on it. In other words I just knew I wanted to use the perspective that was used in the original layout and I did that in my own way. So there you go a sort of scraplift. If I could have found the actual layout I would have actually scraplifted it because it was really neato beneato. Well I suppose you would like to see my take on it now instead of my rambling so here it is:

So the layout I saw in the Ad had the image turned in this way and clusters around it and I just loved it so I attempted to create mine int he same basic style. I am happy with how it turned out. One of the girls in my Photoshop Group I am in (Lyvian) did a layout in this style recently too and I think that is what originally drew my eye to the ad layout I saw. I found the perspective interesting.

Now I bet you would like to know what I have for you today wouldn't you? Well, I hope you like the layout above because I made it into a QP for you all. (Minus my journaling and the small cluster in the upper right corner) If you would like to grab it for yourself then do so by clicking HERE now.

I also have another layout to share with you all as well.

I created this layout after a visit to Tehachapi, Ca right after a snow storm. We took Wyatt up to play in the snow and we all had a great time. It was actually so warm that Brad and I had our jackets off most of the time. It was fun!!

One more layout for you, I created this one with a new kit I bought at SBG (I mean you all know how much I <3 SBG right? ) by Studio Rosey Posey called "Discovery of my Muse". I just loved the kit! It's spectacular my friends.

Oh I have another surprise for you by the way............You can also get this layout in QP form if you would like to grab it HERE as well.

That's 2 freebie's folks, tell your friends and share the wealth! Feel free to leave me a comment as I love to here from you. Have a spectacular day!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Since I am so behind on posting my most recent layouts I am going to do one huge mass post of layouts I have recently created and hope I get them all here for you to see. Feel free to leave comments here or at my Gallery at SBG. The 2 below are layouts I created of Venice, Italy but I was having trouble deciding if I liked the colors photo or the B&W photo the best. What do you think?

The layout below is of my son Wyatt during his performance of Mystery at Shady Acres at the BMT music theater.

This layout was inspired by circles and another layout I saw that used them in a different way. I seem to be obsessed with anything with circles. Polka dots especially. 

I saw these flowers on the Magnolia tree at the San Diego Zoo and thought they were just gorgeous!! I would love to have one of these tree's in my yard to look at.

These are photo's I took while visiting the Monarch Butterfly Grove in Pismo Beach one time. I just love going to the grove during Monarch season.

The next 3 layouts are photo's I took while at Montano De Oro State Park in Morro Bay on a weekend trip with my family. We recently discovered this state park and have fallen in love with its beaches. 

Below is a layout I created with some of my Italy photos using an action by Wendy at SBG. It creates a calendar for you and all you have to do is add your own touch to it.

I decided I wanted to try a simplistic layout and I got an idea from a layout I saw in a magazine that sent me in the direction this one ended up in. This is a rare layout of myself. 

A photo of the Roman Colosseum in Italy. I have to say I was much more impressed with this HUGE monument then I ever thought I would be when I visited. You simply cannot describe how massive it truly is without actually standing in it yourself.

A photo I took at the San Diego Wild Animal Park on a family trip of the Giraffe's. Who doesn't love a giraffe? They are such magnificent animals.

These are photo's I took of Wyatt at Seal beach, Ca while we were visiting my husband Brad when he was working off shore one weekend. Sometimes him working off shore has its benefits. We had a great time and Wyatt actually got to watch his dad come in off the rig on the boat and dock. 

I had an idea and although this is nothing like the idea I had LOL it started with a great idea and ended up in a very different layout from what it started out as. I tend to do that a lot actually. Does anyone else do that? I tend to decide to scraplift a layout by someone else and end up with something that does not resemble the original layout at all. Oh well its the thought that counts right?

Well, I think that catches me up and some of these may actually be repeats but I wasn't sure what i had already shared and what I haven't so you have them all here again. Thanks for stopping by and please come again!!

Hugs Kellie