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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tutorials anyone???

So I have been doing some tutorial roaming again on the world wide web and well this usually ends with me saying WOW I'm going to give that a try some day, adding it to my favorites, and then immediately forgetting about it until my favorites bar looks like a complete mess of random links to unknown subjects. Hence the greatness of the blog. I can now share my tutorial finds here with you and then locate them easily again later if and when I ever remember that they are here and decide to give them a go. In the meantime though you have them to play with and learn from.
The first tutorial I found that interested me was this great tutorial from MissBehavin @ SBG on creating a 70's photo look out of your modern photos. Since I have fallen in love with photo filters etc I found this tutorial to be extremely interesting and hope I can use it soon.
There are other ways in PS to change the look of your photos as well including using the Curves Function. I found a good tutorial on exactly how to do that as well HERE.
Ever wanted an Extreme Makeover but can't get anyone to nominate you to one of those darn reality shows? Well, do it yourself in PS or PSE by using this tutorial by DSP. Here you will learn how to make yourself or anyone else look glamorous with just a few PS tricks of the trade.
Finally at Hummies World you will find many differing tutorials including this set of tutorials which help to improve your images.
So you like the written tutorials but you prefer to have someone tell you how to do it as you watch what is being done on the screen? Then I have the perfect tutorial for you and its spectacular!! head on over to Youtube and watch this video by Brandon to learn how to enhance your photos even more. This is a spectacular tutorial believe me.
Thats all the tutorials I have for you today but it should keep you busy for a short time at least. I will end with a couple of layouts i just completed and hadnt had time to share with you.

Misty Cato-Brushed up text & Kristin Cronin-Barrow-Go Green both at SSD. 

Studio Gypsy- "Repository 1", "Page Fluff", "Gratitude", "Gypsy Queen", & "Industrial"
Other Credits:
Studio Rosey Posey- "Cherish"
Nicole Young- "Vintage Show Drama Queen"


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