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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crazy 4 Titles?

If your anything like me one of the hardest parts of building a layout is getting the title work right, or simply picking a title that fits the layout and draws people into the story you are telling with your images without taking over the layout. SimplyKait shared this link with us today from Traci Reed's blog about "Terrific Titles" and I wanted to share it and a few more I found with you.

I also found this great article on titles called "Titles Don't Have to be on Top" at the Daily Digi, which I think is great! It challenges you to place your title in other positions rather then the same ol' top of the page title. She shows some great examples and the pages she created are also inspirational. I love the Family Reunion page. I also found another great title page article at Daily Digi called "Terrific Titles for Scrapbook Pages". This article also includes Katie's "10 Terrific Title Tips" which really are terrific.

If on the other hand your problem isn't the placement or the design, but the actual title itself, then for some great title ideas you can head over to Scrapbooking Page Titles where they have hundreds of title ideas to suit hundreds of categories of layouts. If you don't find your title there you could also try "The Perfect Title" which also has hundreds of title ideas to choose from.

With a title that draws people into the page and accompanies the story your photos are telling you can create spectacular layouts! Can't wait to see the wonderful titles you are able to create with the help of all the articles I have found.


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