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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A new beach layout.

I hope everyone is having a great spring. Spring doesn't last long here in Bakersfield so we take advantage of it while we can and spend some time outdoors. I have been working a lot but am finally getting into a routine that allows me a little time to myself. Yes, I am one of those people that needs, no requires, me time to remain sane. Without it I turn into something indescribable and not a lot of fun. I admit I enjoy my alone time and relish those times when I am simply "alone". No one asking me questions, no one wanting anything, no one telling me anything, just simply no one. LOL Is that bad?? Well, the good thing about alone time is I can use that time to create! We all know how much I <3 to create and I am much more creative when I am relaxed.
Tonight after somewhat watching the solar eclipse I sat down and created this layout with a freebie from Sas Designs.

I enjoyed the very beachy items she included in the kit and I really liked the papers. Isn't that rosette to die for? Orange is one of my new favorite colors. I decided to highlight the key words in the journaling. Well, at least the words that are key to me. I also added a title by using word-art by Shawna Klingerman at SSD and I added sand by Cafe J at After 5 Designs. The final thing I added was a background by Misty Cato also at SSD to make my text pop a little more off the patterned paper. Everything else including the blue paper is Sas's work. (I recolored the orange paper to blue to add a lightly more boyish charm.) Isn't that surf board adorable as well? Doesn't it make you want to grab a Popsicle and hit the waves. Well, sorta does because since I can't swim I am not so sure surfing would be a good choice for me. So it makes me want to grab a towel and a Popsicle and hit the sand. 
So, what R U doing with your spring?


Kait said...

Some alone time is all I want, too. And I get it on Saturdays only. My DH takes the kids to his mother's house; I stay behind to clean in peace and for some quality alone time. I watch tv, if I want or just do the laundry at my own pace. But I digress, love your page.

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