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Friday, June 22, 2012

A creative slump....

So sometimes I find that being on a CT really jump starts your creativity. When I know I have to create something I find myself looking around for inspiration where I might not look for it otherwise. I look at other peoples work and I see layouts in common advertising and and even quotes. I have been taking some classes at Jessica Sprague and she gave us a free template to use that featured some hexagonal images that i just loved. I decided to give it a go myself using some hexagonal shapes. Its my first go at it but I like my start. I am going to keep trying this and see what i can do with it later as well.

I used Sas designs newest kit Cute Fruit to create the layout full of hexagons about our recent trip to the Avila Valley Barn.

I think I can do better. It came out a little busy to me so I need to work on this and figure out what the best shape it for the hexagons and how to place them so they d not overpower the layout. It is a start though that it is. You can grab Sas designs kit here: http://bits2kits.com/shop/cute-fruit-p-4983.html?zenid=65532ada732e6a64fc413fc8eda5c82a at here store.

Next I used Sas's kit to create a layout about myself or maybe I should say a layout to remind myself who I am. I think we all forget who we are at times. I found this great quote and saw a similar design on Pinterest the other day. I added my own flair and my own quote and I had limited photos to choose from because I am never in my pictures. LOL

Yep that is me at 3 years old. LOL I used a lot of brushes on this layout that i had hidden away on my hard drive. The lace you see behind the photo is actually a brush. Yes I swear it is, I colored it and gave it a slight shadow to make it pop. I also used a template by Angie Briggs at ScrapGirls to create the torn look to the photo's. It worked great as you can see!!!

I cannot wait until the next new release at Sas Designs because I have already seen her new kit coming out on the 29th. Lets just say it will work great with all my most recent photos and I cannot wait to create some layouts with it. Unfortunately I have to take a break and head out to the movies with my DH and DS to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. So I will see you all on the flip side!!!


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