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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sharing a great tutorial by Sahlin Studios

I don't know about you but I have always loved the look of clear acrylic elements on a layout, but unfortunately I very seldom ever attempt to use them myself. Why you may ask? Well because I quite simply cannot ever seem to shadow the elements in a way that creates a pleasant outcome to the element. What I mean is that the shadowing always makes the element to dark and well it takes away from the clear crispness of the acrylic and replaces it with an ugly dark shadow.
How fortunate was I too find in my inbox today in Sahlin Studio's newsletter but a wonderful tutorial for solving this annoying problem?!? Let me tell you I was so excited I almost chocked on my hamburger, I swear! How bad is that when I get so excited about shadowing that I almost kill myself? Well, frankly my dear this is a big deal to me! I can now use clear acrylic elements with ease and I am sure you will soon find a stupendous layout featuring something clear and acrylic. LOL
I was so excited about it I immediately decided I had to share it with you!!!! So below you will find the link to this awesome tutorial compliments of Sahlin Studio's and her creative solution!


Enjoy please, you know I am going too after all!!!


Krista said...

How sweet of you to share! Thank you. Glad you liked the tutorial.

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