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Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh the things I would sew...If I could only sew....

How many of you can sew? I have noticed lately that a lot of people seem to be taking out the old sewing machines and creating their own items. Or at least this is what I see on Pinterest now a days. I don't know what it is about Pinterest that you take a stroll through all the wonderful things and find yourself wishing you could do things you have never wanted to be able to do before.
Sewing is one of those things for me. I don't even own a sewing machine, but after taking a look at some of the spectacular and free items I found on Pinterest to sew I found myself doing exactly that. Wishing I had 1. the time and 2. the supplies to actually sew something all on my own.
What is even more amazing is that the same week I had been drooling over hand sewn items on Pinterest Sas Designs decided to release her new kit which believe it or not is all about sewing.
I immediately informed Sarah that as much I would love to create a beautiful layout all about my wonderful sewing accomplishments I unfortunately lacked a certain amount of skill in that area. So I jokingly told her I could possibly create a layout base don the things I would like to sew if I knew how to do so. The more I got to thinking about this and all those wonderful teasers I saw on Pinterest the more I realized this actually might work. LOL
So what you see below is my layout using Sas's beautiful new kit "Sew Much Fun" available HERE at Bits2Kits.

I really would make all these things if I possible could. I just love them all!! I was just in awe looking at how "Simple" the patterns appear. I am sure that if I actually deemed to complete a project I would find they are much harder then they portray themselves to be. Those Sproket Pillows are so wonderful!!! The wine carriers and I really love that storage box!!! The sling bags and well that hand clutch is just to die for.
Well, yes I could go on for days. LOL In the meantime I will be content to drool and one day maybe..............


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