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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is a great day!!!!

Wow what a day I have had and it is only 9:42am!! I guess I should actually say that it all started on Tuesday, but I only today really got to sit down and use most of the stuff I am going to tell you about.

I have been trying really hard to attend the chats on Tuesday nights at Scrapbook Graphics, because they are really fun and I really want to get more involved in that community. Chats are a great way to meet people and socialize. Well last Tuesday I entered a layout into the Chat Challenge which I posted in a previous post here on my blog. On this Tuesday when I went to the chat I found out that I had won the Chat Challenge and recieved a $10.00 GC to Studio Boutique Cute Doll!! Awesome!!!
(Peeking out my window)

Well, while I was in the chat room Studio Gypsy (LisaMarie) announced that she had a contest running on her blog and the winner would receive her new bundle collaboration with Viva Artistry for free. It is an awesome bundle which you can see HERE. I wanted this bundle so bad, but being unemployed and with the price being $13.00 I could not afford to purchase it. I really was drooling over the kit, because it would make such spectacular boy layouts. Well, I went to LisaMaries blog and I entered my name into the contest with great hope of being chosen. O.M.G. I got a notification yesterday in my SBG mail box that I won the contest!!! I just finished downloading the 9 files associated with the kit and I am so going to play with it after I finish this post!!
(Peeking out my window)

Now you would think that would be enough to make anyone a happy camper right? Well, that isn't the end of my luck today!! Remember in a previous post I had told you that I was applying to Buttercup Designs CT team? Yeah? Well, I got an E-mail today from Buttercup Designs offering me a position on her team!!! Holy Guacamole Batman!!! Can this day get any better?!?!? I just don't think it can!!!
(Peeking out my window)

So now I have a brand new kit from Gypsy and Viva Artistry, as well as items I purchased with my $10.00 at Boutique Cute Doll, and I have a Creative Team to use them on since Buttercup Designs creates templates for your layouts not kits!!!! What spectacular LUCK!!!
(Peeking out my window)

So I sit here now writing you this post continuously peeking out my front window. I just know Ed McMahon is going to show up on my doorstep with a huge check announcing I am the next Publishers Clearing House winner. I am keeping a very close lookout!!

Wow!! I want to thank all the wonderful designers at Scrapbook Graphics and I also want to thank all the new friends I have made at SBG in the fun chats on Tuesdays there. Everyone is so encouraging and I always have so much fun in the chatroom! Just to make sure I give the proper thanks to everyone take a look at all the designers stores posted below. You never know you may find something you love like I do on a daily basis.

BCD (Studio Boutique Cute Doll): HERE
Studio Gypsy Designs: HERE
Viva Artistry: HERE not at SBG but I have used her designs and I love her style.
Studio Buttercup Designs: HERE

Now off to go and play with all my goody goodness I received so you may not see me for a while. Keep checking back as I create pages I will add them here to share with you.

Much love and tell Ed I'm waiting for him please!!


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