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Friday, October 19, 2012

Can you believe it is Halloween time already?

I simply cannot get over how fast this year flew by! I mean Christmas is just around the corner and my favorite holiday Thanksgiving is even closer! I can almost smell the stuffing! Although I am not a big holiday layout maker especially for Christmas for some reason. I actually like to create Halloween and Thanksgiving layouts. So I was really hoping that Sarah (Sas Designs) would create a really cute Halloween kit to play with.
Well my luck held out and she did create a really cute Halloween kit. Matter of fact it is so cute it is titled "Spookily Cute" and it is available HERE.
So i sat down as soon as I got the announcement and created this fun page!

Yes, I am still into this bright orange, I mean I think I am addicted to it. It is so much fun and it really makes me think of Halloween and Autumn and all that fun stuff.
My son wants to be some Star Wars guy this year Darth Maul so we are heading out this weekend to find his costume. Yes, we are a little behind getting it all done but it has been slightly hectic here at our house the last week or so and well it just has not gotten done timely.
I am looking forward to Sarah's next kit though because I am hoping she will create something that I will be able to use with all the awesome family photo's we had taken this year. FUNNY I just realized that I had my son in a shirt with a lot of this orange in it. Ha had not even thought about it until now. Hmmmm now I have more ideas.
I have also started working on some Christmas Presents that I hope to have done in time for gift giving this year. They are very fun and actually pretty simple and my new family portraits come into play here as well.
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and a Happy Halloween if I don't get to chat at ya soon!!


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