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Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday in the blog world!

I just love Friday's! Normally I off on Friday's but today I do have clinic at work. That's okay it means I get to spend my day with some wonderful co-workers and some even more wonderful infants that need a little extra medical help. I love what our clinic does for high risk children in the Kern County area. I am very proud to do the work I do at the hospital. Most of my time is spent in the High Risk Infant Follow-Up Clinic but I also get to spend time in the NICU which is also a joy. When you see so many children with so many life altering disabilities though it really makes you thankful that you are one of the lucky ones whose children do not have to grow up with these types of barriers in their lives.
This last month my family and I spent some time having family portraits done. We have never done this before. Really NEVER have we ever gone to a photography studio and had a family photo taken. I think I take so many pictures myself why would I need to have someone else take them. LOL I am very glad I did though because now I have wonderful gifts I can give to others for Christmas and some great photo's to work with in my layouts since I purchased the CD's.
I was on a roll this week and I have a new layout for you with Sas Designs new kit. So without further ado time for the layout.

The layout was created with Sas's new kit "Happy Heart". Now I took some of the items and recolored them to make them really fit my photo's I took of my son at the pumpkin patch. I also used Melissa Bennett's Halloween brushes again which I have fallen in love with as well. You can grab Sas's kit "Happy Heart" HERE. Below is what the full kit looks like.


Now I have to give you a fair warning. Sas's next kit has quickly become my favorite and I am just dying to show you the layouts I have created using it. It comes out November 2nd and Wowza I am so in love with it!! I wish I could sneak you a little peek but I have to keep my excitement in check for a little while longer. Let's just say it works so well with the season and you know how I love Autumn! I really wish I could show you know, because keeping these layouts under wraps is going to be so very hard. Not to mention I have 2 new freebies for you as well using the kit. Yes, i said it 2 new freebies for you.
So before I spill my guts all over this blog I will bid you farewell and until next week I hope your days are bright and sunny!


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