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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am totaly going to give this hybrid project a try!!

SBG is hosting another Hybrid Challenge and this one looks like so much fun and simple all at the same time. Those of you that are avid readers will appreciate this new project as well. In the challenge you get to create a Hybrid Corner Bookmark to use in your reading. I can just imagine all the great things I could think of to do with this. How about a  bookmark for every book I'm currently reading in the theme of the book. I could even see this being great to create for my students at work with some great inspirational quotes to keep them going during their educational reading. Harry Potter lovers create a Harry Potter theme, mystery's, romances, thrillers, I can see a bookmark for them all. What about some sort of an inspirational quote from the bible? Below are a few pictures that Tanja posted to give you some ideas.

See how awesome they can be. I think I will work on mine at my Mother-n-Laws today while the guys watch Super Bowl. I bet my son would love to make one as well ya know. I will post the completed project when I get back or maybe tomorrow. If you participate (Even if you do not turn it in at SBG for the challenge) I would love to see your creations. Grab the instructions and the template HERE at the SBG challenge gallery!!

I was just trying to think of other uses for these as well and I was wondering if they would work to change the look of those ugly desktop calendars we all have. You know how they have the corner bindings you slip the ends of the calendar into. I bet these would make it much prettier sitting on your desk. Now my brain is trying to formulate how to make that work. I would love to hear any ideas you have to make this work in other ways as well.

Happy Hybriding!!


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