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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Layout and Pet Adoption

I just finished this new layout of my beautiful cocker spaniel  Mistyblue. We got her at the pound a few years ago and she has been a part of our family ever since. When we picked out Misty we were told she had been in the pound for months. The employees could not figure out why such a beautiful dog had not been adopted yet. I think people shied away from her, because she had been abused and was a ratted up mess. The pound had to bring in a groomer to shave all her hair to get all the matting out of it that was pulling her skin and tearing it. She was a skinny little thing afraid of everything and everyone. She had an extreme fright of men though and every time we would bring her around a man she would bark and cry and try to hide.

I am happy to say that Misty has thrived in her new home and she has become a wonderful, loving, and trusting addition to our family. She loves us all and is very much loved in return. I completely recommend and beg even that if you are looking for a pet, please, please check out http://www.petfinder.com/index.html to find a shelter near you and adopt an animal in need of a loving home. You won't regret it, just look at my beautiful baby.

Template by Studio Buttercup Punched Petals Vol. 2
Kit by Micheline Martin Paper Hearts
Green Leaf by NY-Doodle Girl-Nicole Young

I also want to provide you with a great video for creating a digital layout using a template in PS Elements I found today. I hope this will help those of you that are new to the program and to digital scrapping. Click HERE for the awesome video tutorial,


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