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Saturday, November 24, 2012

By the Sea layout

I fell in love this weekend. Yes I did madly and passionately in love..L.O.V.E. love!! I bet your wondering what this is all about. Yes, I am married and no I did not fall in love with a person. I fell madly in love with a digital scrapbooking kit. Now don't tell me that you have never fallen immediately in love with a specific kit. If you haven't you have not been looking hard enough. LOL Or you have not visited the store of Etc. by Danyale recently. I am telling you her new bundle called Sugar Sand Boardwalk is spectacular!!! I am not on her team I have no benefit for telling you this other then the fact that I love love love her designs. I have recently run across her and purchased some of her kits. Matter of fact she was one of the designers who hosted the Digi Dare so I got a $10.00 GC to her store. Until then I had never heard of her. Now she has got to be my favorite!!! Her style is so me and she is grungy without being over the top grungy if ya know what I mean. You can find her store HERE if you want to check out her designs. Or if you want to see some of them in action stay tuned because I have started to play with the items I got recently. I just finished this layout using her kit I told you about above. Did I tell you how much I love this kit?? OMG I adore it. I only wish I had the money to grab the whole bundle.

Here is what the kit looks like that I got.

Here are some of the other kits I got with my $10.00 GC.

and here is the photo of the entire bundle of the Sugar Sand Board Walk Kit that I want so badly.

Do you see what I mean about her being grungy without being too grungy? So I am working on some layouts now and I just finished this one. My DH and I stayed at the famous Del Coronado Hotel on Coronado Island a few years back and I absolutely fell madly in love with this hotel. It was so beautiful!! If you have not ever stayed here and you get the chance please I promise you will not be sorry.

So now that I have shared with you my new favorite kit of the week how about you share with me the great deals you found this Black Friday for digital kits. Show me your favorite finds. 


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