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Sunday, November 4, 2012

DigiDare? Have you played?

So I have known about this Digi Dare website for quite a while but never really ever attempted to play or participate. I really do not know why I simply do not have a good explanation because the page is one of my saved pages for my Networked blogs and I look at it almost everyday or every other day just to see what people have created.
This week though I was intrigued because the Digi Dare was about Fall! Yeah!! I Love Fall/Autumn. I love the color's of Autumn not the cold of Autumn. I deal with the cold to get wonderful colorful and fun pictures I can use in bright and color filled Autumn layouts like the one I decided to create for the DigiDare. I love the orange's, brown's, yellow's, gold's, and green's of Autumn! You know I could not resist this dare!!!!!!!

So this Dare was to do all of the following things:
1. Use as many papers, patterns as you please….I just want to see at least one plaid OR hounds tooth paper in there.
2. Some paint.
3. Foliage… leaves, branches, berries, etc.
4. At least one ribbon.
and they wanted to know what I love about Fall. So I searched the web for a great free photo of some gorgeous foliage in some wonderful trees and I showcased it in my layout you can see below.

I wanted something somewhat simple that still included all the elements the Dare was requiring because I wanted my photo's to be the showcase. So I have leaves (Check), I have a crochet Ribbon (Check), I have sprayed and splattered paint (Check), and I have a hounds tooth print paper (Check). I have to admit to not being a huge fan of hounds tooth so I didn't want to buy a kit or paper pack just for something I would not use again so I made my own hounds tooth paper and then sliced it to use in the layout in a not overly noticeable way, but it does add a bit of texture.  LOL
I found a gorgeous photo of some wonderful orange, gold and green tree's as well and used a photo mask and then used my layer settings to blend it into the background paper. This allowed me to put my text over the top and still have it be visible. I know you cannot read it great here but believe me in the full size version you can. So for your reading pleasure the poem I chose to use is below created by Marilyn Lott.
The kit I used is by Etc by Danyale at Digichick, and I just love the kit and have used it a lot actually since I have gotten it.
Well, that's it. I would love to see your Autumn or Fall layouts as well. Off to submit my Dare into the DigiDare website. Wish me luck, I'll need it!!!

Oh in case you want to know the Digi Dare website is located HERE, just in case you want to submit your own Digi Dare.

Yikes! I almost forgot to post the poem for you.

Here it is:
Autumns Glow

There is something about autumn
That brings out such earthiness
Gold leaves adorn bushes and trees
Like an artist with a brilliant brush

Once the leaves dry on the trees
Then the wind begins to blow
It’s a special time of year for me
Because I love autumn so

The cold dry air it seems
Prepare the leaves to fall
Mother Nature’s special time
Yes, it’s the best of all

What a dazzling way to end
The year as winter nears
The way leaves let loose
And drop like nature’s tears

Oh yes, I love those golden days
Dreamy with autumn’s glow
It makes me smile because I do
Love the season of autumn so!


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